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FDNY 9/11 Survivor Witness and Whistleblower: Speaks on WTC 7

Published on May 25, 2014

In this video Luke Rudkowski interviews FDNY member Rudy Dent who on the day of 9/11 was witness to the collapse of infamous World Trade Center 7. Rudy Dent – Vietnam War veteran, four year member of the NYPD and thirty-two year FDNY firefighter. As a firefighter on 9/11, he was at Ground Zero and was there when Building 7 came down. In this episode of 9/11 Free Fall, he relives his experience that day, recounting how he believes the buildings in New York were brought down in controlled demolitions.

special thanks to https://www.facebook.com/ae911truth


12.01.11 Occupy Lincoln Center – Lou Reed Supports Occupy Wall Street

On the last performance night of Philip Glass’s opera “Satyagraha”, Occupy Wall Street protesters came to protest the anti-democratic policies of Lincoln Center. Lincoln Center and the NYPD responded with a heavy presence and barricades confining protesters to the sidewalk. These barricades quickly became an absurdity as protesters and patrons alike swarmed the barricades from either side to hear supportive speakouts on the People’s Mic by Philip Glass, Laurie Anderson and Lou Reed.