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New Photography Facebook page for my work

New Photography Facebook page for my work



Overexposed: A Photographer’s War Against PTSD

On November 14, 2004, photographer Ashley Gilbertson followed two marines up the stairs of a mosque in Fallujah, Iraq. Working for The New York Times, Gilbertson was there for a photograph. Instead, he watched a young man die. It wasn’t the first death he’d seen, but it has haunted him ever since.

Gary Knight ‘Photographer’ – Mitchell Parsons

Gary Knight ‘Photographer’ – Mitchell Parsons

It was my honor to interview Gary Knight for my Trouble Shooter column with New York mag, Resource Magazine. His work has been a major influence on me for several years.


Dying to Tell the Story

Published on Jul 10, 2013

This documentary studies the motivations of journalists dedicated enough to risk their lives for a story. Follow narrator Amy Eldon on a personal journey to find meaning in the death of her older brother, 22-year-old Reuters photographer and the inspiration for our organization Dan Eldon.

Go to Dan’s website http://daneldon.org

“Notes From the Field” with Giles Clarke – By Mitchell Parsons

“Notes From the Field” with Giles Clarke  - By Mitchell Parsons

Mitchell Parsons February 13, 2014 TROUBLE SHOOTER

“The on-going anti-Ukrainian protests- Some images of the men who were on duty at the EuroSquare barricades over the past couple of days. This is the front-line where protestors stand and wait- a line of defiance against the government corruption. The cops with shields and batons are only 100 yards away behind a no mans land of blackened sheet ice. They rotate the watch in 2 (not 8!) hour shifts and keep warm around burning oil drums when not watching the line of cops. Earlier in the month, 2 people were shot and killed here by sniper fire with scores more injured in running battles in the neighboring streets.”