Ousted #Yanukovich talks to press in #Russia (FULL CONFERENCE) #Ukraine #euromaidan

Streamed live on Feb 28, 2014

Conference starts at 9:30.

Ousted Ukrainian President Viktor Yanukovich pledges to fight for Ukraine. He addressed a press conference in southern Russia, appearing in public for the first time since he fled Kiev amid bloody riots. MORE QUOTES: http://on.rt.com/1ldeaa


Gerald Celente – Trends In The News – “Subway’s Plastic Bread?” – (2/7/14)

“The new job numbers are released.. and guess what? They’re lower than anticipated by “experts”. Plenty of United States propaganda against Russia by reporting nothing but negativity on the Olympic Games & the undeniable proof of the US State Department trying to “meddle” with Ukraine’s international affairs. It’s all Russia’s fault I say!”

Link to “”Fuck the EU! — Exactly!” — Victoria Nuland & Geoffrey Pyatt”:

Overexposed: A Photographer’s War Against PTSD

On November 14, 2004, photographer Ashley Gilbertson followed two marines up the stairs of a mosque in Fallujah, Iraq. Working for The New York Times, Gilbertson was there for a photograph. Instead, he watched a young man die. It wasn’t the first death he’d seen, but it has haunted him ever since.

Gary Knight ‘Photographer’ – Mitchell Parsons

Gary Knight ‘Photographer’ – Mitchell Parsons

It was my honor to interview Gary Knight for my Trouble Shooter column with New York mag, Resource Magazine. His work has been a major influence on me for several years.